How can I tell if I have a torque converter problem or computer on 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

Transmission makes clunking noise when warms up in Park or neutral. Raised front wheels off ground & wheels tried to turn when in neutral,not in park. Goes into all gears fine. Makes noise occasionally in od & when it downshifts into 1st. No engine stall, No codes,Replaced TCC solenoid & filter & fluid. No parts or shavings in pan fluid not burnt up. Done ohms check on other solenoids, Check ok. Done pin to pin on wiring for broke wire. None found. Tested brake light switch, ok.Checked all fuses, ok. Checked motor & trans mounts,ok.I think it is a converter lock up problem. Been told numerous things. Out of options. NEED HELP. Thanks for your time.

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have shop check
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seek a free daig at aamco the shop prices
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