how can i tell if a relay fuse is bad? on 1996 Cadillac Eldorado

i know how to tell if regular fuses are bad; but these are the bigger gray colored ones and i need to know about the one for the a/c in the engine compartment fuse block

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put 12 volt power n ground to the 85-86 posts,either way is should hear it the meantime have a multimeter hooked to the 30-87 should have continuity n feel the relay click at the same time.if both happens then thats a good relay.
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n the instance of a relay switch in your car that operates your headlights,you will be able to recognize that the relay switch has gone bad and is in need of replacement or it is being overloaded if your car's headlights are dull or weak. The inadequate amount of light produced means that the electrical current coming from the car battery is not strong enough.