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2010 Mercury Milan Question: How can I stop the advertisement for Sirrius from playing in the background?

I just bought a preowned Milan (2010) I love the car! I have a question about the RADIO, though Right now I do not have a subscription for Sirrius, but when I listen to music on Bluetooth (my phone) I can hear the Sirrius Advertisement playing non stop, softly in the background. Why is this and how can I stop this? -
Answer 1
I don't have an answer as to why you can hear a Sirius advertisement. As the new owner there is a temporary (complimentary) subscription for Sirius that should have been enabled for you. You can contact them for details, and maybe they can answer the question. I can tell you though, we weren't sure about having the Sirius but now after a couple of years we like it. -
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Thanks, yea I need to enable my subscription, my wife loves her sirius radio. -