how can i stop a tapping noise in my escort? i know its the tappets or valves? on 1993 Ford Escort

i heard these tapping noise ,but only when my car starts to accelarate ,i thought the timing was off, what can i do to try and fix this problem/ i am having my timing belt and water pump changed this week. please help so i can tell my machanic to check, he checked and tried to adjust something but it did not work,however i think he may have missed something small.

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to add to Pat, it is a common issue on escorts that the valve seats fail and sink into the head requiring replacement of the head, have it checked at a shop to verify.

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Both engine options for your year car use hydraulic lifters that self adjust valve clearances using engine oil pressure. Ford have a bulletin about lifter failure/testing. If the timing belt is off it is easy to remove the camshaft and replace the hydraulic lifters.There would not be too much additional labor.