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1991 Buick Riviera Question: How can I reset the cirquit breaker for inside lights and remote door locks?

I was changing a bulb in my trunk. The light lit for a fraction of a second, then nothing. Then I noticed my inside lights and remote door locks stopped working. I checked all the fuses and they were good. That only leaves me to believe that it's a cirquit breaker. Anyone know how I can reset one? -
Answer 1
They reset on their own if there is no draw or short to re-trip them. -
Comment 1
I was hoping it would reset but, as of now it hasn't. I tried disconnecting the battery for about five minutes, I had no luck. I can't imaging if there's a short what it could be. Like I said, everything happened just from trying to put a light bulb in my trunk. I wish I never did that. -
Comment 2
Check and make sure the breaker is getting power to it. I may be bad, temp put a fuse in it if nothing is going through it. The breaker should still kick back in momentarily as it cools and trip again it it's over amp. -
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I do have power getting to switch because the motor does get hot. I assume the actual pull down bar is seized. What other cars share the same unit?