How can I remove the front seats and the carpet in a 2003 MGM LS? on 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis

Need to remove the front seats and carpet to get to metal. I want to insulate the body metal with sound deadener.
Any special things to obey? Where are the bolts located?
Thanks in advance for your help; kinda hard to find information when you live in Germany and drive a Mercury GM...

Asked by for the 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis
if you have a bench seat there should be 4 bolts one in each corner of the seat located in the seat track itself. they are kinda set down in the track. to remove carpet start by removing all kick panel edging under where the door closes. the alum strips, they are fastened by screws or snap in.that should let you access the edges the rest will come as you go and release carpet as necessary.
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