How can I refill my transmission fluid because I have no dipstick? on 2005 Ford Explorer

I have drained the transmission fluid and do not know how to refill the fluid again.

by in Tallahassee, FL on February 14, 2013
2 answers
ANSWER by on February 14, 2013
A beautiful design by ford! not. on the bottom of the pan remove the t30 plug in the center of the large nut.napa auto parts has a fitting part # 90-547 that will screw into the place where you removed the torx plug and you will need to get a fluid pump that will screw to the top of a 1 quart trans fluid bottle.Iusually force 1 quart in and then start it up and optimal temp for filling is 140-160 more or less.You can improvise with whatever you can as long as you can get the fluid into the pan,but this is how it is done the easiest.
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ANSWER by on February 15, 2013
bmdouble is correct again fords better idea