how can I make the trunk to manually close on 1997 Cadillac Seville STS

On my 1997 caddilac sts, the trunk won't close all the way. Tis is third time and has run battery down. How can I make to close manually?

by in Meridian, MS on January 24, 2013
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ANSWER by , January 24, 2013
Looked around on the internet and it seems you can remove the fuse which is located in the trunk fuse box. or you can remove the cover from inside trunck lid and disconnect pull down motor wiring harness. This will cause the motor not to run but the trunk lid will not close all the way according to what was talked about. At least it won't kill your battry every day but it will need to be fixed to get it to close completly. Here's a website I found so you can diagnose your problem. Good Luck
COMMENT by , March 04, 2013
HI: Awhile ago I had the very same won't close trunk lid problem, on my 93' Caddy Seville. My mech...said it was an failed trunk lid actuator motor, cost $44.00 plus labor, it was cheaper, to disconnect the wiring, to the present trunk motor, & lid closes, only manually, which is fine. I act...have the schematic diag... of that act. motor, if I can loc. it, request, & Ill fwd. it to anyone. But, now I have an second problem, small bits of black pieces, come out of the heat vent, dash, under cold weather CDN. winter present conditions. Not bad, tho for an vintage Seville, with yes only 18klms, original, like "NEW". Lovely vehicle. k +
ANSWER by , March 04, 2013
HI: Disconnect, tape the separated 3 wires, under the trunk lid-motor, to avert shorting, problem is the failed actuator available $44., plus install, but I do 'prefer' the manual shut, trunk lid...k +
ANSWER by , May 20, 2014
On the trunk lid at the latch is a flat lever, push up and you should hear the electric trunk motor running. If not, take a pair of pliers and tap on the upside down "U" shaped latch on frame side of trunk that the trunk latches on to while holding the flat lever up on trunk lid. Also use a little machine oil on the "U" latch and run it up and down a couple of times. THIS WORKED GREAT FOR ME AFTER 3 DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS!
COMMENT by , May 29, 2015
Thanks, Philip A. That worked for me! :)
COMMENT by , May 03, 2016
'97 Deville. Worked for me too. Used a couple of squirts of WD40. Thanks for the tip!
ANSWER by , November 12, 2015
I just had the same problem and I have your answer. Unscrew there metal covering from the motor on the bottom of the trunk then twist the motor to the right like your tightening it and it might take few twist but the pull down will come up and your trunk shall close once more.