1994 Audi Cabriolet Q&A

1994 Audi Cabriolet Question: How can I make my car stop overheating without replacing the head gasket?

My car was leaking water onto the ground and overheating within the first few minutes of running. I was told to replace the water pump/timing belt so I did. It was still leaking water and the mechanic found a hold in one of the lines and patched it. It is still running hot and the mechanic says its a problem with the pressure and I need to replace the head gasket. Does that sound right? Is there any way around it? -
Answer 1
You can avoid replacing the head gasket by finding a GOOD (with at LEAST a 30 day warranty-read it carefully!) used engine. Depending on mileage and condition of current engine , might be the better option anyhow. Do you trust the shop you are dealing with , as far as the diagnosis goes? Second opinion can't hurt. -