How can I keep mice from getting into the HVAC system? on 1995 Honda Accord

I had a blower motor replaced 2 yrs ago along with a mice infiltration. Now I have had another mouse problem and took the car to a different mechanic as it appeared to me that the mice got further into the system. He quoted me $500. to fix and said they had infiltrated the evaporator core, clogged radiator fins. More concerning is that he said there is no way to block them out of re-entering. My question is that true no places I can bail wire and metal mesh keep them out? Otherwise why pay him 2-3 times what I thought it would cost to fix and replace parts if the mice can come back and cost me another bundle in the next week. I have blocked them out on my Jeep and truck how can I keep them from wreaking havoc on the Honda accord 1987 lxi sedan?

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get a cat?
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Get a cat! If you find a way to make any vehicle mouse proof you will be rich.
I think if it was in a solid steel box, welded shut, when you took it out a mouse would be inside the car!
Try to keep any food out of the car but it is more to blame on the cool weather. The car stays warm after
it is parked they just love that. After they get in that is it! Same thing with lawn tractors as i have
repaired many from engine damage due to nest blocking cooling fins.
Good luck and if you fix this let me in on it!
novel idea wetry, got one already more like get a garage since I am downsizing my pet count.
You didn't let me finish! The garage won't stop them either.
take care of the mice problem where you park the car
regularly pour cat urine in your a/c vents...GUARANTEE you will never have a mouse again.
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kill the mice, no way to make a car mouse proof, they can naw through bailing wire and any other method of keeping them out of your car is even more dangerous to your health. kill the mice, or park somewhere else