1994 BMW 740iL Q&A

1994 BMW 740iL Question: how can i isolate a 12 volt draw on the battery when with all fuses removed draw

I have diagrammed and removed all fuses from both rear power distribution and under hood power boxes and tested with DVOM and still show over twelve volt draw with all doors hood and trunk open. Help please! -
Answer 1
CLOSE the doors and trunk and unplug the hood latch if equipped with a switch. THEN find the location of the rest of the fuses , if there is still a draw (Which , should actually be measured with an ammeter). -
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thank you for your time! I meant to type with all doors, hood and trunk closed, my question had already been posted before I noticed the mistake. Also my DVOM has a ammeter built in. Thanks for your reply. kgaghan1 -
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OK , so with everything off and closed , are you at 5 mA or less? -