How can I get the SRS light to turn off? on 2003 Acura TL

I removed the driver side seat to do some repairs on it. After I had reinstalled it, the SRS light is 'on'. I have removed it and rechecked all the electrical connections. They all appear to be in good order. I plugged in a code reader. I got code p1456 to do with emissions and vapour pressure leak. I am of the opinion that the code reading has nothing to do with SRS light. I disconnected the battery and reconnected it. However, the SRS light is still on. I am looking for a way to get that light to go 'off'. Can someone offer an idea of what I could have done to cause this? I think that the problem is related to the seat being removed and reinstalled.

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If the seat was removed it is possible a wire was crimped or that the OPDS (pass side ocupant detector sensor) needs to be recalibrated. We see this a lot with accident repairs. The calibration needs to be done at a dealer with a Acura or Honda tablet.
Hi, thanks for the replies. I finally took the car to a repair shop that had a good code reader. He reset them and all is ok now.
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you need a good code reader that will retrieve srs codes. i think your right but the scan will lead you in the right direction. could be a bad seat belt buckle to a bad seat bad or bad wire connection
Hi, thank you for the response. I have also talked to the service manager at our Acura dealer. He says that if the ignition key was in the ignition and in the 'on' position when the seat was removed, the srs light would stay on after the seat has been reinstalled. However, by disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it the light should have gone 'off'. He therefore thinks that I have a bad connection somewhere. Is there something else that needs to be done while the battery cable is disconnected and before it is reconnected?
I also have this SRS light problem after reclining the backs of the two front seats while on a driving holiday up in Northern Australia so have to now find someone to fix it in Rockhampton. Such a nuisance.