how can I get a better mileage. on 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

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I hear other happy diesel truck owners of getting 16 to 19 miles a gallon on their trucks I only get 13.7 not towing and if I go easy on the pedal. any sugestions?
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Check that the air filter is not restricted. TIre pressures are important, even tire make/manufacturer can affect fuel mileage. Driving habits and loads affect fuel mpg. If all else fails to get you better mileage I wonder if the fuel injectors or fuel pump have a problem. Any Black Smoke form the exhaust signifying excessively rich running conditions?
I second Patrick's answer. I'd also add that diesel fuel quality is also could be an issue.
Try to change your regular gas station and see if it will positively changes the results.