How can I fix the window regulater on my drivers side passenger door? on 2000 Ford Focus

I rolled my window down and heard a crunching noise, now the window will not roll up or stay up if I raise it by hand. How do I take the door apart without tearing up components? I do not have the money to have it fixed and I just purchesed the car on credit. It has electric windows and I cannot lock my car if the window does not stay up. Please help!

by in Okmulgee, OK on August 02, 2012
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ANSWER by , August 02, 2012
What is your skill level? Do you have a buddy that is car savvy? This is a job for a person who is rather handy. Cant give step by step instructions but the inside door trim panel will have to come off, this in itself can be a difficult task without proper tools and skill. Then the real work starts. If you are not pretty savvy on autos get help.
COMMENT by , August 02, 2012
I used to work as a mechanic when I was a young man but stopped when computers and AC became standard. I found a video and instructions on how to take the panel off. I will probably purchase a new aftermarket window regulater unit because it seems the best and least complex task. I do have some tools but I am concerned about the electrical settings if required (algorythems) mentioned in some of the online videos regarding the chip learning the revolutions needed for the regulater to remember the distance of the window travel. Please let me know if you can shed some light on my concerns.
COMMENT by , August 02, 2012
Just replace the regulator and motor assem. That should, do the trick.Didn't look for your profile,but if you have worked on cars befor you can do it again!
COMMENT by , August 02, 2012
Thanks, I know I can do the basics, I was just worried about the electrical memory chip stuff, thanks again for all your help. Sincerely, Ovid
COMMENT by , August 02, 2012
Dont worry about any memory chips or the like,Just pay attention to the way the assembly comes out and reverse procedure going back. Be sure to remove the window glass attachment bolts and raise the glass,wedge a rubbe handle screwdriver or so to keep glass in place. Take pictures if you have to for later reference.Spray tracks with lube wd40 will work.This will let glass glide more easily up/down.