How can I fix the brake lights if they don't work, but third one does? on 1990 Ford Taurus

The regular brake lights don't work. The third brake light does. The bulbs are good. There isn't any blown fuses & the multi-function switch is fine. Any ideas?

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You say the multifunction switch is operational, however I experienced a similar problem on a Sable.

There is a switch that attaches to the brake pedal shaft about half-way up the shaft from the foot pad. Is this the switch that "tests" ok?

In my case, the switch "tested" ok, but hen I depressed the pedal, the switch would move from it's mounting position and either not light the lights or light only the cyclops.

Technically, the SWITCH is good, but the mounting allows slippage at the contact. This damage is usually the result of a panic stop when you SLAM on the brakes ... the switch mount breaks. Or maybe it gets stretched out from repeated use, I don't know.

I have noticed on some cars that sometimes a cyclops light will light first, then the brake lights. (It is barely noticable, but I see it.) There may be an adjustment you can make on the switch mount to repair, or maybe a new switch really is in order.

Maybe this will help ... maybe not.
it is the multi function switch