how can I fix (by myself) my 97 Dodge Caravan's wiper motor? on 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan

It makes a very loud noise & the wipers do not move when turned on,unless I move the blades manually,then they move w/ease. I don't think it's a bad motor BECAUSE the noise is soo loud when turned on. This just started happening when I was driving for about an hr and a half,when I pulled over to get gas, right before I turned off engine, it began making the now ever-present noise (when wipers are turned on)and hasn't stopped since!I don't wanna go to a shop & be told I need to purchase new part,labor,etc.if I can fix at home. I can't afford car problems like that right now! Who can?!

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try removing pivot cap and tighten locking nuts on blade connections