How can I find the pcv hose on my 1995 chevy lumina? on 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

I recently had an oil change and was told that the pvc valve hose was cracked.

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Diagram under hood shows vacuum hose routing and pcv location.
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I had same issue. it depends on where the crack is: if it is in the open easily accessible, you buy a low-cost rubber hose, slightly bigger than the pcv hose, make a short section and put it over the crack area. Or buy a whole new hose from a GM dealer cosing about $40
It is located on the front side valve cover towards the driver's side of the vehicle. The PCV valve is in the valve cover and the hose and line attaches to it. It is a molded part.
Thank you for responding "chevydelray" I'm not very mechanical or auto repair prone lol - having said that would it be difficult for me to find and replace??

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It's a simple component that merely pops on and off