How can I determine why the window doesn't go down slightly? on 1996 Mercedes-Benz SL600

The passenger window should go down a slight amount when the door handle is used; the window should return to the full up position when the door is closed. The driver side works normally, but the passenger side works correctly only a small percentage of the time. The electric window switch works normally. What is the likely problem and can I fix it myself?

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Does the dash say that you have a door open even when its closed? It might be the switch which tells the car that the door is open or closed. its also tells the car to open the window or close it.
All the dash lights are working normally; it is just the passenger window that is intermittent (mostly not working). I was wondering if it is associated with the window motor. Is there a regulator that sequences the window also? I don't think I mentioned before, but the car is a 1996 SL600. Thanks for your help.
Well that could be it. If the window doesnt work at all then it might just be the motor.
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There could be two problems. First the windows have to be programmed to go down and up after opening and closing the door. Check your manual and it will tell you how to reprogram the windows. Second if reprograming doesn't work you might want to check you door sensor to see if it is functioning properly.