How Can I Consistently Get 160 MPH Without Turbo or Nitrous? on 1998 BMW 740iL

Thank U "hemicuda". Sounds like it would be pretty expensive to add a Turbo Charger with all the piston work that may be involved. Perhaps there's another way to reach 160MPH without Nitrous or Turbo Charger, don't want to damage the car-"Marilyn" is my baby-just get all the speed indicated on the Speedometer.

Thanks dandd, I visited their site didn't see Turbo Charger product line, will call their 800# for more details.

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Actually I have worked on some Dinan kits where I put Turbo chargers ( 2 at a time in fact ) on the V12 engine with out piston work.
I would contact Dinan engineering about these and other modifications for Beemers. His products are now sold at many BMW dealerships and are Calif Smog legal. It is quality stuff. here is the link

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Probably best to go on BMW forums and ask the BMW enthusiast there about adding performance to your 740il, Because on the autobahn I think its common to travel at high speed with a vehicle like yours.