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1999 Chrysler Town & Country Question: How can I bypass the rear heater ?

I have a coolant leak under my van towards the rear,is there any way I could bypass the rear heater and would it stop the coolant from leaking there? Thank you. -
Answer 1
You could plug or bypass the heater lines that go to the rear heater. -
Comment 1
Exactly -
Comment 2
How would one go about doing this? I'm having the same problem on my '99 Limited and am worried about blowing my head gasket. This van has been dead reliable, otherwise. I plan to get the rear heater hose later I just can't afford it right now. -
Comment 3
Just get a 5/8 - 3/4 nipple and take the lines off the heater and tie them together so water will still flow. -
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