how are isuzu chevrolet connected on 2007 Isuzu i290 Pickup

Isuzu corporation is out o business. I was told by a recording this spring that the authorized servicer would be a hyundai company. They do not honor the warranty. Who can provide assistance with getting proper service and pricing for repairs?

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According to the Isuzu web site (, your local Isuzu repair facility in Louisville is:

Phone: (502) 214-4200
Fax: (502) 214-4773

For assistance locating an Isuzu Service Facility:
Owner Relations (800) 255-6727

That is all straight off their web site. Have you tried contacting either that dealership or the 800 number recently?
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Isuzu is not out of business. They pulled out of the small truck line in America. Any Chevy dealer should be able to service and repair your Isuzu. As the Colorado, Canyon, and Isuzu truck line are the same components for the mechanical side of it. They are built in a GM Factory alongside the Canyons. If you look at the vehicle you will notice things like GM glass, and GM motors in the vehicle. The whole line is a leased variant of the Isuzu D line pickup.