How about a diagnosis of an older vehicle? on 1990 Dodge Ram Van B350

You have no information going back as far as 1976 Dodge Minnie Winnie, 360 engine. The engine manifold gaskets need to be replaced in order to reduce noise and emissions. Any information and advice will be helpful.

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Do you mean the intake manifold or exhaust manifolds gaskets? The intake manifold gaskets takes about 4 hours ( I have done a few ) and the exhaust gaskets are about the same amount of time IF and only if there are no broken exhaust bolts, then it takes as long as it takes to extract and re-thread the broken bolts.

The gaskets are about $20-25 per set.
The shop I brought it to said that the exhaust manifolds needed to be planed and the gaskets replaced. Everyone I've talked to about it comments about the probability of broken bolts when taking off the manifolds. A thought that occurred is the possibility of using JB Weld expoxy as a way to seal off the leaks. The manifolds are aluminum? The block is steel?