How 2fix/troubleshoot broken gas pedal, fell 2 floor board? on 2005 Ford Escape

While driving thru a parking lot (about 10-15mph) I thought my foot slipped from the gas pedal but the pedal had actually fallen to the floorboard. I coasted at idle speed all the way home.

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Well speedy, how in the hell did you wear the gas pedal out? Better have a mechanic take a look at this for you!
Haha never been called lead foot before! Its my throttle cable, looks like the plastic piece at the other end of the cable at the engine broke. So is that part replaceable or well I have to get a whole new cable installed??
Most likely the whole cable, kinda unusual for this to happen! Just make sure, if you replace it, there is no binding, works freely, when finished.
Post the results so others can benefit.
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ford has a recall on the throttle cable on escape. call a dealer to find out if yours is covered.