Cadillac Catera Problem Report

Cadillac Catera Coolant loss and/or Engine Overheating Due to Leaking Water Control Valves

(15 reports)

The hot water control valve may develop a coolant leak resulting in engine overheating. A leaking valve should be replaced.

i need to replace it, with new -
Heater control valve on back of motor is leaking. Working on fixing it. -
engine overheating -
Engine light on and runs hot -
Exact. Same problem -
Yup, mine leaks like crazy too! Replacing it this weekend! -
will not hold coolant for very long it overheats quickly and has to be replaced -
Heater Control Valve leak, leaks fast -
Yes, I have a water control valve leak as well. also I have a faulty EBCM. help -
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