hot smell front of car after driving, heat gauge not hot on 2005 Buick Century

when I got out of the car, there was a hot smell, but the gauge did not run hot. I drove 40+ miles, in rain, could it be something with brakes

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Yes or it could be an oil leak that is getting on the exhaust manifold, or it could be the parking brake not releasing correctly. Better have a shop look at this, because this could be a safety issue.
thanks for your help, going to check the parking brake first then my repairman
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Possibly dirt or other debris got on the catalytic converter under the car which gets very hot and that's what you smell. if it continues, carefully feel for heat at each wheel (a hot brake can make a wheel very hot so be carefus!). if ther's one hot wheel, it's possible the brake is sticking and getting hot. dandd's answer is good too, but I'm thinking of why in the rain?