Hot Fluid leaking above gas pedal on 1990 BMW 325i

My Daughter complains that sometimes hot water drips on her foot when she is driving, i can't find the leak, of the cause. I've heard it may be a clogged drain hose for the condenser and the water is coming from there. Please help she drives with a bag on her foot to protect it.

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Sounds like the heater core might have a leak, But to be sure a shop has to perform a pressure test to know for sure and you can find a shop near her here and check heater core replacement cost here
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there is a recall for a bypass valve for the model. BMW will also replace heater core, which sounds like your problem, along with the kit to repair this problem. Refer to the recall section on this site.
Heater core valve leaking at the joint of the inlet hose or outlet hose......