Ford F-350 Super Duty Problem Report

Ford F-350 Super Duty Lack of Power Due to Loss of Turbocharger Boost to Engine

(37 reports)

A severe lack of power may develop because the hose from the turbocharger to the intake manifold can come loose, resulting in loss of boost pressure to the engine.

These 6.0 fords just blow hoses off of the turbo. The solution is a can of aquanet hair spray. Let the engine cool down, and use brake cleaner to get rid of any dirt and oil. Spray the hose and the metal inlet with aquanet, and reassemble. Fixes it every time. -
Hose blows off repeatedly, loss of power. Looking for solution. -
Need to replace the turbo -
Turbo hose blew off while pulling 5th wheel trailer and going up hill and transmission down shifted. Dealer told me the hose did not need to be replaced. On current trip from Northern Indiana to Florida the hose blew off 5 times causing dangerous repair along busy highway. Just replaced hose while in Ocala area. Not happy with Ford avoiding a fix for this problem. -
Hose always blows off, I replace new hose and clamps 3 times,I can,t keep them on . 4 a SUPER DUTY IT SUCKS. -
F-550. Turbo hose blew off. Fixed at Ford Dealership, blew off 6 more times. Final fix from I-75 road repair, break cleaner on metal tube, new plastic hose new clamps. -
hose came off, loss power. -
It's been replaced 3 times and last time with commercial deal clamp replacement 4 in. Clamp!!! This intake pipe is still coming undone I've been on hold w dealer There is no recall That the turbos should not be putting out that much pressure -
My steering wheel feels I can't turn and the brake pedal won't go down.It happen 3 times before I take off.I'm afraid it can happen while I'm driving and someone get hurt or killed.Brought it to the mechanic can't find anything wrong -
Pressure loss -
While traveling to wyoming with. Horsetrailer and horse my 2005 ford f350 4wd 6.0 suddenly lost power. I can barely go up hill ... Severe loss of power! -
sudden lose of power and no boast some smoke but no boast on gage. Haven't got fixed yet -
lost power when pulling 6000 lb trailer thrugh WY .not fixed yet. -
it keeps coming off is this why i can only do 70 mph on highway -
Pulling trailer uphill and heard a loud bang. Upon inspection found hose from turbo had come off. Tried to reattach multiple times but kept happening. Not fixed yet. -
Pulling a fifth-wheel into the Santa Cruz mountains. Hose blew off. Lost substantial power. I didn't know why. Luckily my son-in-law was with me and has had the same trouble with his 2003. His has blown 4 times. -
Just now driving at 60 miles per hour Turbo booster hose blew off losing power This just after having the truck serviced at Riverhead Ford for A EGR Cooler problem which they first cleaned then decided it had to be replaced Then charged us 400.00 for the cleaning of an item they replaced because they said cleaning components is not covered under the warrantee. -
I have had tube blow off 4 times now shop has been able to fix gets expencive wish some one could shed some light on problem. -
Hose clamp on pressure side of intake hose broke, hose blew off, lost power. Was towing a trailer and climbing a hill at the time of failure. The R.G.RAY (P# 2502-42) split midway through one of the 1/8" factory holes in the clamp. -
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