hose connected to what I think is EGR trying to find out name of part on 2004 Mercury Mountaineer

on right hand side of car cylinder looking piece looks like dial on top two hoses connect to it the part the broke off is plastic piece on this part hose is then connected to it and hose ends up on top of engine the square that says 4.6 hose connects on bottom right its 2004 model and book doesn't exactly say what this piece is in Haynes manual 36025 pic on page 6-44 the #4 arrow points kinda right at it please help I'm a chick

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poss dpfe valve which will cause egr flow issue
K I ws trying to just super glue n thn electrical tape bc I will need to drive back to auto zone 2 get a part #4 coil went out and I changed all the spark plugs but leaned on tht hose /plastic piece that goes to cylinder I don't have egr flow issue yet haven't finished spark plugs thanks for the info book doesn't tell me crap but egr valve and the manual page points to purge valve bolt which is bolt on piece I broke...
Is that what dpfe valve is?
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