Hose came loose and now car won't start on 1993 Volvo 850

A hose came lose at the left bottom of the car and since then the car won't start. I traced it and it looks as though it is connected to the fuel pump. I am just not sure where the disconnected part plugs into. PLEASE HELP!!!!

by in Round Rock, TX on November 05, 2009
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ANSWER by , November 05, 2009
This really isn't the best way to deal with this problem. The fuel pump on your car is a high pressure device that is located inside the fuel tank. If it really is a broken fuel line, this is something that needs to dealt with by a professional. If the fuel line is broken, it could spray fuel all over your car and catch it on fire. They are NOT designed to ever come apart, except with the use of special tools.
ANSWER by , November 05, 2009
I agree with dandd and if you smell fuel at all, don't mess with this, tow it to a shop. However, the fuel lines for this car are on the right side of the car, so yo may have a different issue. Where exactly is the disconnected line and is there anything leaking out of it?
COMMENT by , November 05, 2009
there is absoloutely nothing leaking out of it. So I did what any other crazed person would do and smelled it. It does smell like fuel. However, it is hanging right next to a canister. When I looked up the schematics one of the lines to that particular canister was a fuel purge line. All the lines to that canister had come off. I'm afraid to mess with it further because this is a good car and I don't want to ruin it or blow myself up in the process.
COMMENT by , November 05, 2009
That's what I thought, so it must be up by the left front corner of the car. The canister connectors are at the top of the canister and they are hard to see, but there is a 10mm bolt at the bottom, if you loosen that about 10 turns, the canister will drop down and you should be able to see where the hose goes. None of those hoses will cause your car to not start though. You probably have a fuel pump that has failed, or the fuel pump relay, it is very common for this year. However, if the check engine light is on, you may have other issues. I would start by getting the fuel pressure checked.
ANSWER by , March 04, 2010
try blowwing into it there might be a buble