Horrible Suspension on 1994 Cadillac DeVille

I was reading from this site and I noticed someone mention a scanner to detect problems with the suspension as well as ride control; where do you go for that and/or where can I get one? What does it even look like?

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if you press off & warmer on your climate control systems then your dash will give you the #'s of any trouble codes for any of your cars systems. write them down & google them to find out what they mean. you can also clear codes to turn off your ce light or check suspension light by navigating with the climate control buttons. it's worth a shot b/c it costs nothing. a scanner won't do anything your climate system wont do unless it's the cadillac factory scan tool.
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There is no such thing as a scanner for suspension. Diagnostic scanners can be used to retrieve trouble codes that may be related to ride-control systems--that's generally limited to OBD II cars manufactured after 1996. Your car is most likely OBD I (I could be wrong), and you would need an OBD I scan tool that could pull trouble codes from your engine computer. These codes are mostly limited to check engine light emissions problems in OBD I.