Horrible noise if ac is turned OFF, and no cold air on 2007 Saturn Vue Hybrid

3 days ago my ac stopped making the air cold, but the fan still works. Turn off the ac using either the fan switch or the ac button, and a horrible noise comes out of my car, turn it back on and the noise stops. I can change the fan speed to anything but off and it is fine. Start up the engine and the noise is there for about 10-15 seconds, then it stops, though it rattled a little when I was coming to a stop a couple times today. My dad thinks the clutch in the ac compressor is not disengaging. Any ideas about what is going on so I can better explain this to the mechanic, and do I have to take my car to the nearest authorized dealer repair place (75 miles away) or can I take it to a local mechanic?
p.s. The car has 22,000 miles on it if that helps.

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You can take it to a local mechanic that you trust, but if there is any warranty left, you will likely need to see your local GM dealership.

It does sound like some kind of compressor or pulley issue.