Horn Won't Work on 1998 Ford Escort

My horn will not work. I press the steering wheel and there is just a click when I press on it. How can I fix it? I don't know much about cars but, if I have the right instructions I can do it.

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If you hear clicking near the engine compartment fuse and relay box when the horn pad is pressed, then you need to check the horn fuse,(probably have to look the location up in the owners manual) if the fuse is blown, you may have shorted out horns or a short in the wiring to the horns. Usually there are two horns for the vehicle and if you install a good fuse in the horn circuit then unplug one horn an test the operation the horn may work or the fuse will blow again. If the horn works, disconnect it and reconnect the other and retest,if the horn does not work and the fuse blows, you have found your bad horn. Good luck.
At this point you have to check and see if power is getting to the horns. What has probably happened is that your horn(s) shorted out internally causing too much current draw, that causes the fuse to blow and the windings in the horn melt and create an open circuit . When the windings open there is no path to ground to cause the excessive current draw. So, if you can verify power to the horns when the horn button is depressed, then you know the horn(s) must be replaced, assuming the ground to the horn(s) are good..
Yes the fuse was blown. I replaced and still nothing. But, the fuse I replaced it with still remains in working order.
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when i put a fuse in it ,it blows out the fuse,the door lock with the remote