horn doesnt work from steering wheel on 1990 Ford Tempo

how do i fix my horn when i cant find any horn relay?my car doesnt have cruise control so theres no speed control amplier that its with and i have a manual transmission.i know the horn works when hooked to battery but doesnt from steering wheel when do i fix this?

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Sounds like a switch or sliding contact (clockspring) failure behind the horn pad.
i took the horn pad off and lightly sanded both copper contact plates because of some oxidation on them and still nothing
You know -- it's coming back to me that there was a common failure with the contacts in the steering wheel. You have to forgive me -- I haven't dealt with it in about ten years...but this was a common issue. However, I'm showing it from 1992 - 1994. I am thinking older vehicles are an issue too (1988 - 1994 were very similar Tempos...)

The issue was this:
The current going to the horn being too high and damaging the horn switch contacts. The fix was to install a Horn Relay Kit into the circuit. The relay kit will reduce current through the horn switch and reduce the possibility of damaging the contacts.

The kit was dealer only - Part number F23Z-13A821-AA without tilt wheel, and F23Z-13A821-BA with tilt wheel.

I have no idea if you can still get the kit - but try your local dealership.

The concern was for a car exclusively with no air bag and no cruise control - so we have a match here.
thanks,i will look into that.maybe thats why i cant find a relay for the horn,is there a way for me to wire up a horn if the part you told me about isnt available anymore?and it sounds like a match because i dont have an airbag or cruise control.thanks again
Salvage yard parts exist of course, but they may be just as bad as yours. I'm sure you could modify it in another way, but check for the parts first...