Horn, cruise control, airbag on 1999 Mercury Cougar

Hi. I replaced my rack and pinion in my 99 cougar and afterwords found out that you don't want the steering column to move when disconnected. Evidently it did because only after the rack and pinion replacement the air bag light flashes, cruise and horn don't work. can you help me narrow it down? The I checked all fuses, circuit brakers, and even the inside of the relays 3 times and they all checked out. Sorry I don't have a code but if you've ever ran into this identical problem before then you more than likely know the problem/solution.

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The central part that provides power to the horn, the speed control and the drivers side air bag module is the "Air Bag Sliding Contact" also known as the "clockspring". This is behind the air bag in the steering wheel. It allows power to be transmitted to all those components that are at the steering wheel, all this while being able to turn the wheel and keep power flowing. Replace the clockspring -- use extra special care making sure your air bag system is de-powered prior to accessing it! Good luck.