Hoping to find someone who has expereincewith the c1995 chevy camaro 3.4 liter on 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

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It has a oil leak at the rear of the motor.The valve cover gaskets are good,Im pretty sure the intake manifold is leaking at the block,but it is hard to see.I removed the intake and resealed it,the block to intake doesnt have a seal according to the dealer they said to just put a 3/16 bead of a silicone at this area wich i did, but the leak is still there/Also the intake manifold rests to low.The intake has half of the valve cover surface area attached to it,the head has the other half of the surface area.The intake half of the valve cover seal area rests 1/8 of an inch lower than the head valve cover seal area,the valve cover gaskets sealed despite of this but i thought this may be causing a problem with block to intake seal.Is there anyone who knows about this problem. Having alot of trouble.
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in the back of the block, there is an oil pump drive that is a common leak area. you may have to remove the lower intake again to gain acess.

This camaro has a distributorless ign,but there is about a 1 inch diameter cover plate in back bolted in place by a tab.Could this be where a drive might be if it were a distributor ign?I cant see if its leaking or not.
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