hood latch on 2002 Jaguar X-Type

the hood has two latches that need to be released to open the hood one latch will not release has this been a problem for anyone and how can it be solved

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I had the same problem...... easy fix
use a good spray oil (not wd40) it will just evaporate. Spray all the moving parts and most importantly the cables where they go into the sleeves
on both sides. Get a helper to sit in the car and pull the bonnet (hood) release lever
over and over so you can see the moving parts. After you have done that and the cables are free ad a drop of oil, 30 sae grade, on the moving parts and rotating points.
this should give you years of trouble free operation.
Also if this does not work check to make sure the cable is not broken, if you can get the bonnet up.