Hood Latch on 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix

So I broke my hood latch a couple months ago and just have been pulling the cable to open my hood but all the visible cable is gone. How do I go about opening it now? Can I do it manually up by the grille? And are there any negative side effects by doing that?

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Usually there is about 6 inches of cable between where it comes out under the dash & where it goes out of the passenger compartment through the fire wall. Look directly behind where the cable used to be. Cut the black plasic off of the cable & pull the inside. If it's beyond this then you can just open the latch with a screwdriver. Look between hood & grill & push the lever that the cable is attached to.
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if you can still get it open, then I would really recommend that you get a new cable. Over time the cable will break off into shorter and shorter pieces until there is nothing to grab, and then the hood can be really hard to get open.
"if" i can.. so it's likely that I won't be able to?