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Welcome to the "Home of Honest Mechanics"® Full Service Auto Care - Providing dependable, honest service including electrical and engine repair, manufacturer's maintenance, brakes, air conditioning and cooling system service, tire rotation and alignment.

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Honest-1 Auto Care
September 30, 2015

New ownership - bad experience!

I used to bring my car for repairs and I was impressed how good and 'honest' the place used to be. Not anymore! Now they are not ashamed to rip people off and a simple job turns to be hundreds of $ on an old vehicle where the parts should just cost much less what they are charging for.

For car starter replacement they charged 670$!!!!

Can you believe it!!!! Because the car was towed to the shop and they understood we can't tow it back, it was inoperable!!!

Rude, unapologetic, unprofessional!

At Toyota dealer this service price check came out to be 370$ (labor+part) and at other places 280$(labor+part)+tax.

We are taking them to small claims court!!!

They put rebuilt part and charged for it almost 400$, although rebuilt cost for compatible part is 118$ and at the dealer the new part is 219$.

Then they charged 100$ for diagnostics which is not necessarily in this kind of problem. I was told by another auto shop (when the services were already done) that it is obvious that the problem is starter, so the proper way is to replace started for 280$+tax and if the problem persists then do diagnostics etc. They charged us for both!

Big liars! Not honest!

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Honest-1 Auto Care
March 05, 2012

I highly recommend this shop! They are sincere and offer eco-friendly services. They say you should have a Great Lawyer, a Great Accountant and a Great Mechanic. People who you can trust. Well I found my Mechanic. Thank you for all you do and for caring about your customers. We will recommend you to everyone looking for a good Mechanic or shop. Thank you!

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Honest-1 Auto Care
March 02, 2012

I had 2 of my motor mounts replaced on 04/29/2011. I returned on 10/29/11 for an oil change and informed the manager that the vibration from my motor mounts had returned. He explained to me that they "didn't have time to look into the issue." As a paying customer, I take my vehicle to a professional and expect my concerns to be addressed, taken seriously and the issues resolved. Unfortunately, in this instance, this was not the case. When I recently contacted them again to have the work corrected, Michael informed me that my car/parts were no longer covered under warranty and that the make/model of my vehicle is known for this issue. I explained my frustratration by this present situation and had they taken the time to address my concerns when I presented it to them, my car would have been covered and they would have had to replace it at no cost to me. Upon addressing my new concerns regarding my experience, Michael, the general manager, was not only defensive, condescending, by referring to me as ‘sweety’ and ‘dear’ but outright rude. Upon speaking with the owner to inform him of the poor customer service I received, he became immediately irate and raised his voice, absolutely deplorable. In the end of our conversation, he encouraged me to “complain to corporate,” screamed at me, "We don't want your business!!" and hung up.

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Reply from Honest-1 Auto Care -  honest-1March 21, 2012 14:10

On late Saturday afternoon 10/29/2011 this lady was in for an oil change at which time she indicated that she was experiencing some vibration and that she thought her mounts were going bad. The service manager indicated that he could not address the issue that late in the day on a Saturday in that his lead technician had gone for the day, and that she would have to bring the car back, at which time we would be happy to look at it. On October 29, 2011 she still had 2500 miles left on her warranty. Four months later on or about February 28 she recontacted our shop and said that her mounts were bad and that she wanted to get them fixed. We then learned that she was out of warranty by 4000 to 5000 miles. After much discussion, and not having an opportunity to even see the car, we offered to warranty the parts and only charge her for half the labor to off set our cost. This was not good enough. She insisted that we should have contacted her to have her come in before her warranty ran out. She was told that it is not our responsiblity to insure that she came back after the second visit. She contacted the owner telling him that she would never come back and that she would tell all her friends about how dishonest we were, at which time the owner withdrew the offer and discontinued the conversation. To date we have yet to determine if in fact the mounts are the issue as we have not seen the car since October. Honest-1 offers a nationwide warranty 12 month or 12k miles whichever comes first on all repairs. We ask all our potential customers to look at our reviews online and you can see that we treat our customers honestly and fairly. *******On March 20, 2012 our sister store, located at Paradise Valley mall, inspected this customer's car and discovered that the mounts we orignally installed were not defective. Two mounts installed my another repair shop were bad and these mounts were causing the problem.

Honest-1 Auto Care
April 12, 2011

Excellent Auto Care for reliability and honesty. They only fix what they have to. No outrageous estimates.
Offer rides to/from home or work too which is a definite plus.

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Honest-1 Auto Care
April 11, 2011

The shop was clean and comfortable while I was waiting. The wait ended up being longer than expected, but the staff were very friendly and helpful. They were able to answer all of my questions and put me at ease while dealing with issues I was not familiar with at all. I would highly recommend this shop to all of my family and friends as a place you can trust to do a good job and do the right thing. Thank you.

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Honest-1 Auto Care
March 19, 2011

I had just recently spent a lot of money elsewhere to get multiple repairs on my car and my "check engine" light went off yet again. I took it into Honest 1 Auto, as they were the closest auto shop, not expecting to leave without spending at least a couple hundred for a diagnostic and repairs. I was assured that they would only charge me for the 1/2 hour diagnostic even if it took longer to find the problem. Well, they found the problem within minutes of completing the diagnostics...turns out that the previous mechanic forgot to connect a fan in my engine. To be sure that this was the issue, they connected the fan, tested the car, and confirmed that this was the source of the problem. To my surprise, when they handed me my keys (an hour or so later), I was told that there would be no charge for any of the diagnostics or the time they spent on it due to the fact that there wasn't really a repair problem!!!! I have to say that this was the most pleasant experience I've had getting my car repaired. Other than not having to pay anything, this was the cleanest shop I have EVER been to and the staff was professional AND ultra-courteous. I will confidently bring all of our vehicles back when I do need them serviced.

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Honest-1 Auto Care
July 14, 2010

Excellent service received at this shop. Female friendly, nice atmosphere to wait in. Accurate quote on work, no surprises. Work completed when promised.

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Honest-1 Auto Care
July 13, 2010

Let me first say that I am not very trusting of auto repair facilities and feel that as a woman I have been ripped off more times than I would like to admit. However, my experience at Honest-1 in Glendale exceeded my expectations. I was treated with respect and not spoken down to. I fully understood the service I recieved and felt I got an honest deal. I also have to say that the facility was very clean, very comfortable and the bathroom was spotless (which is hard to come by at an auto repair facility). I will be taking all of my business here in the future.

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Honest-1 Auto Care
July 13, 2010

I tried Honest-1 as a referral from a friend, I have had bad experience in the past with dishonest shops. so far it seems honest-1 lives up to their name. they provided exceptional service, very competitive price.

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