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Honda Civic del Sol Reviews and Owner Comments

7 Reviews
Honda Civic del SolOwner Reviews (7 reviews)
  • 1993 Honda Civic del Sol
    Visitor, Anadarko, OK, June 20, 2013 15:32
    I have a 93 si. I never know if it will start. had 2 distributors installed in the last 2 yrs. no one can fix it. mechanic tells me that he can only diagnose my problem if the car won't start. I never know when it won't start. sometimes it grinds. then, after it sits for a minute, it will start. the mechanic wants to install a new distributor everytime I call him about it. nobody can diagnose it.
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  • 1996 Honda Civic del Sol
    Visitor, Clearwater, FL, May 27, 2013 02:16
    Got my 1996 HDS S used/repo- paid for itself in gas savings
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  • 1994 Honda Civic del Sol
    Visitor, Georgetown, IN, September 22, 2011 14:12
    I was looking for 2 fuel effecient cars for my girl friend and I, she said she didn't care what it was as long as the mileage was good. I saw the delSol, and thought it would fit her young personality(even though she's over 30). The more she ended up driving it, the more she loves it. This is a very good "girl car", and a great choice for someone that doesn't need a back seat. I ended up going with a CRX, which I enjoy driving as well.
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  • 1997 Honda Civic del Sol
    Visitor, Sandy Hook, CT, July 11, 2011 10:02
    I have a 1997 Del Sol Si with 205,000. This is a great little car, with the warm weather it has been getting over 35 mpg's. There is a little bit of rust here and there but not that bad. 4th set of brake pads, 3rd muffler Not too bad in the snow with 4 snow tires on it.
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  • 1993 Honda Civic del Sol
    hortnose, San Leandro, CA, January 02, 2010 20:43
    The car has been trouble free.Easy to work on for normal maintenance.If i had to do a major repair i would be able to do it myself,the car is not loaded with a bunch of computer junk and anyone that took auto shop could fix it.Get a good repair manual and give it a try,why get robbed by a mechanic.
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  • 1995 Honda Civic del Sol
    luvmysol, Elk Point, SD, April 09, 2009 08:40
    This car is a great value. Not only is it fun to drive and gets great mpg (still in the 30's), the care still rides like new even at 140,000 miles! I'm sure it will still be a fun, reliable ride for years to come.
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  • 1995 Honda Civic del Sol
    95 honda del sole, Bellwood, IL, February 17, 2009 08:33
    Great car for the price.
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