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My ridgeline has 134,000 and I noticed a ticking sound coming from the passenger side on the motor I've looked into this ticking and I have found people saying it could be somthing with the timing belt what should I g...
Ridgeline has 160,000 kms on it. This noise is very similar to the noise made when you drive over the "rumble strip" on the side of the highway. This rumble comes and goes. Typically only happens on highway, drivin...
Temp gauge still not moving and auto temp fluctuates on and off
Had an Accord wagon that we had this 100,000 mile maintenance done and it never ran the same after that. It was perfect before and crappy after. Now we have a Ridgeline that just passed 100,000 miles and I'm afraid ...
Im thinking on buying this truck but I don't know if it has a lot of miles on it and it wont last me, the price is 15,000 what do you think?
it started all of a sudden. it has just 100,0020 miles on it
Two questions: 1-when getting a tire rotation at Costco the salesperson would only rotate back to front saying the sensor for the tires would not (comunicate), this is not what the manual recomends. who is right? 2-I...
It is occuring all the time. No codes showing up.
i have a honda 2007and i want to know when is neccessary to do oil change ,the ridge line has 42000 miles
I keep getting the 'tighten fuel cap' message in the scrolling display even though I use the three click rule. The check engine light is not on. The dealer that i go to says that if you don't tighten it correctly th...
if I remove my converter ,Will I have to make any other changes?
I want to change my transmission fluid and I found the fill plug on top of the engine but unable to identify the drain plug underneath.
can i drain all the fluid from the tranny in one whack?
It's time to replace the in cabin air filter