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..backside of the large bolt-hole (about 1/8") seems to be preventing me from sliding it in, as there just isnt any room for anything except for flush metal sides: is there a trick, or a special way that I am not awar...
How do they calculate the.parts and labor costs
Shift shaft seal accumulator seal & 2 pan gaskets. Honda quoted me $436
whenever i drive and cut off the engine and try to put the passport on park it gives trouble and i havto try it alteast 3 to 4 times before it stays on park.also it wont start whilst on park and i havto bring it down ...
the key doesnt want to go to lock and the engine doesnt lock
want to know where fittings are located and how many if the 1999 passport has them
My 1999 Honda Passport has a rear tail light out. I replaced the bulb but it still doesn't work. Fuse?
Sometimes the engine won't turn over when I turn the key to start it. The battery is almost new and it tests out fine. At times it starts right up and at times it won't even turn over. If I keep turning the key off an...