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The angle is too great and the CV axles break. Will a differential drop work? If so, when can one find this?
how to replace hydrolic clutch
can i put a bigger thermostat in it.any helpfull tips would be great
Right rear axle leaking grease. Have found several different sets of instructions for replacing bearing and seal but none seem to accurately describe this vehicle. Axle appears to have part of the abs system (looks li...
On the '97 model,the abs sensor is in the rear on top of the rear axle.I was able to disconnect the plug and twist it 360 degrees,but I couldn't get it to pop out!What should I do?
Where is the trans dip stick located at
Wher can I find the fuses?
I have no blower at any fan selection.
what are the speaker sizes front and rear
We have tried the heavy oil 20x50 to reduce the "ticking" noise from the lifters but didn't really work. Any advise other than replacing the lifters?
Just replaced the alternator but the brake and battery lights are still on.Plus my battery is only charging below 10 volts.The alternator is a remanf. one.I took the alternator off and had it checked at the auto parts...
Where do you pour the transmission fluid, cause i had someone pour the fluid in the panel where you shift the gear. He opened t and pour it down there. Is that right ad if not will it hurt the car?