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check engine light display....
I want to replace the PGM-FI relay. The vehicle is cranking but does not start unless I pump the gas one time then crank. I have read on many online forums this is a common Honda problem often caused by faulty relay.
first the VSA light was on and the transmission start slipping and slow the van down, I have to restarted the engine, the VSA ligth was off but the engine light is on with the code P060A. What's wrong with it and how ...
When i star the car is possible the air cool is ok, but in any moment the blower continue on but don't air cool, and any moment air cool return and later the air is not cool again.
For no reason the hydraulic arms that make the rear hatch go up easily do not support the weight of the door. Is there a quick fix to this problem or something I can at least check?
My doors unlock when driving or slowing down....what is the reason for this? is it a recall?
Looking for a best guess to the cost of the fender replaced, painted, sanded and color matched. Ocean metallic blue, EX
Does anyone know the location of the ac relay? My manual does not list this.
Car would not start and the battery was completely dead. put in a new battery and on the 2nd day same thing. I have checked all electrical switches, the door is closed and the interior lites are not on. what could d...
What is error Code 12 (under a B) mean?
We were not going fast. Just slightly hit the side of the garage and now it will not shut all the way.....
When pulling into the garage, hit the side with the sliding door open. NOw it will not completely shut...
What is a fair price I should pay for replacing the transmission fluid?
The passenger front door does not seem to seal good, when ever you are riding in the passenger seat you can hear wind noise. Any suggestions on how to stop this?