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This warranty would be 3 years and cover drive train and electric. It is prorated so I can cancel and doesn't deduct repair costs from the cost of the warranty should I decide to cancel even after repairs occur.
Lately i have been feeling/hearing this very faint scratchy feeling on the gas pedal when i start moving from a dead stop. It only happens if the car was off and I start it and drive it. It doesn't happen during norma...
is idling high in drive and when u stop it goes regular but gage goes up and down.
A non-Honda mechanic mentioned once that in some higher end vehicles, if the maintenance isn't completed shortly after the reminders are displayed, other things will begin to malfunction, like the airconditioner, beca...
The reverse on my Odyssey will work for a period of time and then won't. Then all of a sudden out of the blue it will work again. I took it to a transmission shop and they checked for error codes, but there was none. ...
How much is the cost? and what happens if it is not done soon?
HI! Both of my sliding doors will not open using the button or the key fab. I have to manually open them and they seem to be heavy. Has anyone experienced this or have any idea what may be the problem?