honda del sol back window on 1993 Honda Civic del Sol

honda del sol back window are there drain tubes

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Yes there are. You have to remove the inner trim and actually remove the window assembly (very easy) to get to the tubes. The tubes are made of rubber and get clogged. There are two of them. You'll probably notice alot of gunk in the pan that tubes are inserted into. The pan acts like a water trough so it doesn't get into the main interrior. Clean the trough and the tubes.
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I am sure ther are but I cannot find reference to them in my information. Try getting a garden hose and see where the water drains under the car perhaps only one side is plugged or restricted. Drain tubes for sunroofs usually exit under the car at the seem that the jack is attached to raise the car, perhaps the seem has been pinched shut due to previous body work also look for and drain tubes under the car toward the rear, try poking a close hanger in the ofice and see if it dislodges any debris.