Honda dealership did not do Wheel Alignment. on 2004 Honda Pilot

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July 25th and july 31 @ norm reeves honda, cerritos I believed they did not do a good job on wheel alignment as I am coming for the the 3rd time for the same problem. Today Aug 1 just found out that when filling up gas at the
gas station the gas pump shuts off automaically although i only put 2 gallons in for almost empty gas tank before
I went to the dealership to fix wheel alignment.What do I do if this problem still exist. I am just worried that the dealer may create another problem if I leave my car all day. Just thinking if all dealership are trying to make it worse before they make it better.
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It sounds like the fuel level gauge or sender unit in the fuel tank maybe bad but that would in no way b related to a problem with the wheel alignment. issues. Wheel alignment will show up with tires worn on the inner or outer edges, or other unusual tire wear issues.
I am sorry, but how can adjusting the wheels cause your gas tank to misbehave? How can you believe that?
Typically, one of the emision control systems will be mis-behaving causeing a vacume or loss of vacume in the tank. This will cause the gas pump to think the tank is full and it will shut off.