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2003 Honda CR-V Question: Honda CRV 2003 a/c problem

I have Honda CRV 2003 my AC is blowing hot air clutch not kicking I can turn the clutch by hand it turns no problem please help Thank you very much -
Answer 1
low on Freon -
Answer 2
check your freon level -
Answer 3
When you turn on the A/C even though the clutch doesn't engage , do the condensor fans come on? If so , check the compressor clutch relay(underhood fuse box) and test for VOLTAGE (not a test light) at the wire going to clutch(harness along fan shroud in front of compressor). IF fans do operate when switched on(A/C)then that means the system has at least the minimum amount of refrigerant in it for operation, although it may need charged for better cooling . -
Comment 1
Thanks for all yes my freon was low after I recharge it I found out I have a leek . -
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