Honda CR-V Not Starting on 2001 Honda CR-V

I was driving and all of a sudden the car stalled. after coming to a stop I tried starting the car and it just turns over but dose not start. checked timing belt, checked for spark and the fuel pump seems to be priming when I turn the key.I also replaced the ignition control module and replaced the fuel filter. I also sprayed starter fluid down the intake manafold and still nothing. It just turns over and dose not fire up. Any suggestions on why it still will not start?

I'm sure I'm getting spark , because I pulled a plug out and kept it connected to the spark plug wire and set it close to some metal. I then turned it over and saw good strong spark. Could this be a computer problem?
The plugs are dry when I pull them out after trying to start it.
I do not know what the fuel pressure is reading. I do not have a guage.
I did not check for any codes because the car can not move. it's at my house.
If the plugs are dry dose that mean it is not getting any fuel?

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Ii think that I answered this already. You need to have the computer scanned to see if there are any codes. I would also do a compression test. there should be at least 150 psi per cylinder. The T-belt may look good but it could have slipped can cause this type of problem. Let me know how these tests worked out.