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this will happen more at slow speed, not on main highway at driving speeds.
I read that it could be a spiders nest or dirt. how do I clean this? I know it is under the car but looks like a lot of parts. Which line do I ckeck and how?
I had autozone run computer and this is what it said something about the evap blockage ect. I use the car for delivering mail on rural route lots of dirt roads. I would like to fix this on my own but do not know how t...
I get my oil changed at 50% at the dealer.I've never received a maintenance minder and I now think it must be because everytime I have the dealer change the oil--the oil is reset to 100%. I'm now at 35K.
On a very hot summer afternoon (temperature was close to 100), I drove my 2008 Honda CR-V about 30 minutes longer than I usually do and stopped at a traffic light. I felt the vibration first and then saw steam coming...