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my car is broken down I'm fairly sure it's a transmission how much will it cost to repair or Rebuild transmission
I have a 2003 Honda ith 150,000 miles. I am paying 1490. for repair. They say I need a new head due to parts in head are worn and need replacing and it is best to just replace the whole head. The end cost will be 230...
First repair shop quoted me high for the part and I found the genuine part for much lower cost. Wanted to see other shops and my options. P/N 17380-s5a-a32
do i need to un hook the sub frame, to drop the oil pan?
Is it the motor that needs to be replaced or AC compressor?
If I have to support the motor and disconnect it from the frame, where would I place the jack? I need to change the motor mounts as well and just figured I would do it all at the same time.
Steering wheel is more turning back and forth on its own. Randomly while driving. Even while going straight. Sometimes the console shakes pretty violently. I feel like I am driving on and icy patch when I turn the...
O2 sensor stays at .62 range at idle. Short and Long term fuel term Negative numbers and increase with temp increase. With throttle position change up and down vehicle parked, O2 sensor values will start to change...
Car idle dipped low then the ac stopped blowing cold. Chked with gauge and the reading just went into the red danger zone. Tried rechargeing any way and it wasn't taking it so i didn't force it. Just wondering how I c...
I drove it a short distance and it seemed fine. I cant complete the repairs for a few days possibly a week and am curious if I will do any damage by driving it with just front wheel drive.
I have not found any precipitating circumstances for when it blinks or stops blinking. Anyone have this issue and how did you get it to stop?